Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Preparing for uni covid-style

 Hey lovelies, welcome back!

Day two of "freshers" week and today I'm sharing how I plan to study and stay motivated at uni this year. Due to covid, my lectures and seminars are all online this semester and I'll hold my hands up and admit that independent studying isn't my strong suit. When they first moved online at the end of the last semester, I stopped attending the weekly lectures and focused my energy on my assignments instead. While it worked then, as it was the end of the academic year, it won’t fly this term what with it being new content and all…

So, here are my suggestions on how to stay motivated and productively study from home, covid-style. 


Now, by this I don't just mean your desk, I mean your room in general. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in there, so why not make it a space you love spending time in. For me that means spending a bit of money and decorating my room exactly how I want it! Investing in a new desk chair is also at the top of my list; since I'm going to be spending a lot of time at my desk, it needs to be comfy!

"A clear workspace equals a clear mind" is a saying I love. Having a clear, tidy workspace and surrounding myself with things that bring me joy to look at reduces any stress I have about my work and boosts my productivity tenfold.


I consider myself quite an organised person regardless and is easy when I lead a very busy life but studying at home requires a little more planning than usual. Since I'm not seeing my lecturers in person and don't have full use of the university’s facilities, starting assignments earlier than usual is essential! Simple things such as arranging a meeting with lecturers or using the library will be a little trickier this semester, so planning ahead allows time for the aforementioned and will reduce pre-deadline stress massively!


At home it's easy to get distracted, and so expecting to work solidly for a long period of time is unrealistic and will almost certainly result in more procrastination being done than work. Instead, set yourself achievable goals. Try using the pomodoro method, or something similar, and implement regular timed rest breaks in-between working. In those breaks, grab a drink or snack, get some fresh air, watch a YouTube video or catch up on social media. By doing this, you are refreshing your attention span and will be more productive. 

If you know the times when you work best, structure your day around them. This will automatically create a schedule and enhance that feeling of getting stuff done. 


Reward the little things. You've reached a certain word count, celebrate! You've ticked that task of your to-do list. "treat yo self!". Not in the literal sense of going out on a shopping spree, but reward yourself by watching your latest Netflix binge for an hour, spend a bit of time on a hobby like baking, reading or listening to music, socialise with your friends for a while or even take a nap! This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment and encourage you to keep going when you’re lagging as you will have a goal post in mind.  


Most importantly, make time for yourself! Studying from home doesn't mean you have to be working all the time! Spend a few hours working in the afternoon and then give yourself the night off. Have a bath and a bit of a pamper or go out for the evening. Self-care is often overlooked but is vital to not only studying at home but navigating uni life generally! Setting a routine of separating work hours from leisure hours will not only reduce stress and boost your productivity when you do work, but also make you feel more grounded and make the uni/home life feel evenly balanced.

So, they’re my tips on how to study covid-style and get the most out of uni this semester. Of course, these tips aren't specific to students, they are applicable to anyone working from home right now!

How are you planning on studying covid-style? Is there anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments. 


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