Monday, 21 September 2020

Let's talk uni life hacks

 Hey lovelies, welcome back!

For most university students today marks the start of "Freshers" week, I use quotation marks as Covid has suspended the usual freshers’ activities and forced them to move online. So I thought, why not celebrate freshers week here on the blog. Each day this week I’ll be posting all about uni life in an attempt to recreate the true freshers experience.

For those that are new here I am about to enter my second year of BA English with Publishing at Plymouth University. This will be my third year at Plymouth as I did a Humanities Foundation course, big shout out to Ryan, Lucy and Daniel if you’re reading this, and have two more years left after this which includes a placement year. By the time I graduate I’ll be a uni veteran.

Kicking off “freshers week” is the top 5 uni life hacks that I’ve discovered since starting university two years ago. While most of these hacks are essential for any incoming student, some may also be helpful to anyone moving out and living independently for the first time. 

So, let's get started shall we!     


My first tip is to always ask for student discount. Most shops will be part of the NUS scheme and may only accept a NUS card or have their own student discount scheme, but some will accept your university card so make sure to always have it on you. Even if they say no, you haven't lost anything by asking and never know it could save you some valuable pennies.  


Another tip that took me a few months, and countless mouldy loaves of bread later, to think of is to freeze anything you can! Shop savvy and pick up as many reduced items and bung them in the freezer. You'll find yourself saving money and stretching your shop out longer. 

Something I really struggled with when I first moved to university was cooking for one. Eventually I realised that cooking a meal that serves 3-4 people can actually be 3-4 dinners. Bulk cooking and then freezing portions not only saves you money on your weekly shop, but also eliminates the urge to order takeaway when you can’t be bothered, or are too busy, to cook. 4 minutes in the microwave and bob’s your uncle! Much quicker than Deliveroo.


Keeping within the theme of food, my third tip is to make things yourself. You finally have freedom so why not use it to experiment in the kitchen by making your own bread, cakes and even chips. Why waste your money and freezer space on a pack of oven chips, when a pack of potatoes will go so much further. Chips, wedges, mash, roasties, even your own hash browns, with a pack of potatoes the possibilities are endless! 


All that money you’ve just saved on your weekly shop can be used to explore beyond your campus and the strip of clubs. A short bus/train ride can reveal some hidden gems - like a new shop, beautiful park or even a museum/historical sight. Exploring your new city will make you more knowledgeable and will enable you to talk about more than just how uni is going and how hungover you were when you call home.  


Uni is about more than gaining a degree. For the first time in your life you are in a completely new city by yourself and will learn, grow and mature so much over the next few years. Embrace that at the beginning and say yes to everything! Join a society or take up a new sport, go to that karaoke night or talk outside your degree field, do that year abroad or summer internship. In doing so you are opening yourself up to everything your university is offering and will gain the full experience. Aside from discovering new things about yourself, you’ll also interact with people you might not have met otherwise. Trust me, saying yes will be the best decision you've ever made!


So, those are my top 5 uni life hacks, I hope at least one person finds them useful. Do you agree with my choice? Are there any that I've missed out? Let me know in the comments.   

Until next time, lovelies! 

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