Sunday, 17 April 2022


 Hey lovelies, welcome back! 

Lets talk WILD - a sustainable, natural, aluminium free deodorant with compostable refills delivered straight to your door.

I've suffered from folliculitis, a common skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed, since I started shaving at aged twelve. To combat this, I reduce how often I shave, which helps slightly but not completely. After trawling the internet for answers one night, I stumbled across a recommendation to try natural deodorant, as aluminium in regular antiperspirants clogs your pores causing the folliculitis to flare. 

For those who might be thinking, they're the same thing - deodorants masks body odour, while antiperspirants block the pores to stop you sweating.

Since I'm always looking to make small, sustainable changes in my everyday life, I decided to give WILD a go, and the results were interesting... 

~ WEEK 1 ~ 

I didn't notice any changes to begin with, but I was enjoying trying a new product and feeling boujee with the case and refills. Unbeknownst to me my pores were still blocked after years of antiperspirant use, and it was working its way out of my system.

~ WEEK 2 ~ 

With open pores, sweat started to become more noticeable and I STUNK! I wash daily anyway, but I was having to wash 2-3 a day...

~ WEEK 3 ~ 

After feeling incredibly self-conscious and almost giving up thinking natural deodorant wasn't right for my body, I decided to research into the transition from antiperspirant to deodorant - something I definitely should have done beforehand! Turns out, after years of suppression, your sweat glands go into overdrive to remove the toxins from your body - enter BO. This is perfectly normal, and usually starts around week 2-3 and subsides by week 4-5 as your body regulates itself. Twice daily cleansing and topping up deodorant during the day helps make this period more manageable. 

~ WEEK 4 ~ 

Much the same as week 3, although now I knew this was part of the process, I was determined to see it through. 

~ WEEK 5 ~ 

Finally, we came out the other side. Severe body odour abated, and I started to feel confident and comfortable using natural deodorant. 

~ WEEK 6 ~ 

I had noticed a few bumps after shaving, but they were less painful and went down after a day or two. They resembled irritation bumps more than folliculitis. 

~ 6 MONTHS ~ 

Switching to natural deodorant was the best decision I ever made. I still only shave when I need to, but my folliculitis has pretty much cleared up! The refills themselves surprisingly last really long! They recommend using 3 swipes per side, and despite doubling up some days, I'm still exceeding the renewal date and having to postpone my delivery. Definitely better value for money than regular antiperspirant! 

Switching to natural deodorant has been a wild journey 😉 but was definitely worth it! If you're thinking of making the switch, do it! I can guarantee it'll be the best decision you make! 

Have you tried natural deodorant? Let me know in the comments below. 

Until next time, lovelies!

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