Sunday, 29 November 2020

SUSTAINABLE KELLECTION - Eco-friendly beauty products pt.2

Hey lovelies, welcome back!

Week three of Sustainable Sunday - A weekly feature whereby I share eco-friendly products that I've been loving and that are helping me live a more sustainable lifestyle. Today I'm continuing last week’s post about eco-friendly beauty products but focusing on the one we don't use daily. 

2 billion disposable razors are thrown away each year in the UK, thank you patriarchy for convincing me I need to shave and therefore creating this statistic! Again, contributing to that figure was not something I wished to do. So, I invested in a 'Plastic Free Shaving Kit' from All Plastic Free - which contains a bamboo razor, replacement blades and shaving bar that is free from cruelty, plastic, palm oil, parabens and much more! All beautifully boxed in recyclable packaging. Priced at £17, this is initially the more expensive option, but when you calculate how much a pack of DECENT (that don't rip you're legs to shreds) disposable razors is, how long they last (1/2 uses per razor) and compare it with how long this will last, I'm saving myself money as well as the environment... The psychological need to shave is a battle for another day...

Another big contributor was a shower loofah. I have quite oily, spot-prone skin so exfoliating to remove the build-up is a must. Just like toothbrushes, bacteria quickly build up and it's recommended you replace Loofahs regularly. That's a lot of plastic finding its way into landfill... So, I started looking at sustainable alternatives to which there are a few options. Cotton mitts are the most common, however I find they lose their shape and become flimsy very quickly rendering them useless after a few uses. That's when I found this bamboo back scrubber in Primark. Alongside their sustainable clothing range, they've also brought out eco-friendly beauty products including bamboo make-up brushes, cotton face clothes and shower loofahs. Priced at £3, this may seem spenny, especially when you can pick up its plastic counterpart for £1, but considering each products lifespan, I'm again saving money in the long run! 

And obviously soap must accompany the back scrubber, most of which comes in a plastic bottle. Yes, this can be recycled, but remember what Zac Efron said, " really the most effective solution". Thankfully, a lot of shops sell bars of soap alongside the bottled stuff, however when they're wrapped in plastic, that can't be recycled, you're actually causing more harm than good... DOVE TO THE RESCUE! Their single bar comes in a cardboard box without any plastic packaging whatsoever, and they're cruelty free! Priced at only £1! Winner winner, Quorn chicken nuggets for dinner! 

I still have a long way to go with reducing my plastic consumption, I haven’t made the switch to shampoo bars or toothpaste capsules just yet, but I’m getting there. As Tesco once said, “every little helps”.

What sustainable switches have you made? Do you use any sustainable beauty products that I haven’t listed here? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, lovelies! 

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