Sunday, 12 April 2020

U.G.L.Y, you ain't got no alibi... Netflix's Dare Me review

Lockdown is tough, especially for those of us who lead busy lives, and while I’m really struggling with the fact that my everyday life is now stagnant and the fact that I’m not allowed to leave my flat , I am appreciative of the time lockdown has freed up. I finally have time to read more than I usually would, pick up old hobbies and catch up on some TV. As a book worm studying an English degree and a University Cheerleader, Nexflix's adaptation of Meg Abbot's novel 'Dare Me' was naturally top of my list of what to watch and it certainly didn't disappoint!

Senior year and “top girl” Beth and devoted BFF, Addy rule Sutton Grove High School and the Cheer squad. At least they do until new coach, Collette French, arrives and starts to shake things up - reaching high, pushing the girls to new extremes and testing "unquestionable" loyalties... When the town is rocked with a suicide everyone has questions, some more than others. Why did he do it? Is it possible it wasn’t suicide at all? Why were Beth, Addy and Coach all at the Towers building that night? What actually happened on Regionals weekend?

The main thing I loved about this show was that Cheerleading was at the forefront, used as a driving force for the plot rather than a background narrative. While it does adhere to the generic stereotypes surrounding the sport, it also doesn’t gloss over the skill, dedication and risks that come with being a Cheerleader. I can confirm that training is gruelling, stunts don’t always hit, and accidents do happen, A LOT! As a Backspot, I’m still having flashbacks to RiRi’s accident… *shivers* and will be shouting at my Flyer to lock her knees even more next season. 

The plot itself is compelling, especially with Beth’s sub-plot running just underneath it. I was gripped immediately! 

While the novel is a standalone, season 1 finishes with an ambiguous cliff-hanger that leaves you with so many questions and heightens the anticipation for season 2. I know the first place I’m heading once lockdown is lifted…  

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