Monday, 13 May 2019

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Hey lovelies, welcome back!

I want to share with you another creative piece I wrote today at uni. We were given a card with facts about a specific animal and asked to write down five bits of information and the myth associated with it. I got the Seahorse, a personal favourite. 

I hope you enjoy this short piece, let me know in the comments below!

Facts ~
  1. They feed on tiny crustaceans and plankton by sucking it in through their long snouts as they don't have teeth. 
  2. The males carry the young and newly born Seahorses are fully formed and capable of fending for themselves. 
  3. They glide along slowly, propelled by a tiny dorsal fin on their back. 
  4. They can change colour in the blink of an eye to suit their environment. 
  5. They mate for life. Each morning they perform a mating dance to re-establish their bond and often bob along with their tails intertwined. 
  6. The numbers of Seahorses are declining rapidly due to the destruction of costal habitats and pollution.
Myth ~ 

In Greek mythology, Poseidon's chariot was pulled by a hippocampus - a sea creature with the head and forequarters of a Horse and the tail of a Fish. Seahorses were believed to be the creatures brood.


I glide along, slowly moving my tail from one piece of coral to another. The riptide is very strong today, Poseidon must be agitated. I don't know very much about him. Dad said we descend from the Hippocampus, the fabulous creature that pulls Poseidon's chariot, but I don't see it... 

I miss Dad. Although the independence is great it does get lonely sometimes. Saying that, Anemone has been hanging around a lot recently. Wanting to do some weird dance with me in the mornings and trying to hold tails. YUCK! I've turned pink, purple, gold, even black in an attempt to hide from her but she keeps finding me! There isn't even that much coral to camouflage with anymore. The strange creature with smooth, slippery black skin, like Narla's, and distorted face, that kind of looks like mine, keep breaking it. And their chariot, I call it a chariot, but it doesn't look like Poseidon's, leaves a rank taste in the plankton.

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