Monday, 6 May 2019

Let's talk Mythos by Stephen Fry

Hey lovelies, welcome back!

The memorable and obscure come together in this beautiful retelling of Greek myths. Spanning from the creation of the Earth and dawn of the gods, through the golden and silver ages of mankind into the very depths of Ancient Greece, Mythos adheres to universal knowledge while expanding on it in a modern fashion. 

As someone who’s always been fascinated with Greek Mythology, this had been on my tbr pile for quite some time. So, naturally it flew to the top once I picked "retellings of Greek myths" as the theme for my independent project at university. Fry's wit, warmth and humour was a welcome surprise and made his recreation of this intoxicating world all the more accessible and enjoyable. Fry is a natural narrator, I fell head over hells in love and relished every second of this vibrant book.

Written as a chronological timeline, embedded with pictures to help the reader visualise the characters and tales, this book illuminates Fry's passion and showcases his knowledge on the subject perfectly.

Written in a refreshingly modern tone, on a timeless subject that is perfect for the twenty-first century, Mythos is sure to be a perennial bestseller.

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