Saturday, 19 January 2019

Every move you make, Every step you take, I'll be watching you... - Netflix's YOU review

Hey lovelies, welcome back!

I've just finished watching the Netflix original series, YOU, based on the bestselling book by Caroline Kepnes and wanted to share my thoughts with you. 
*and yes, I am listening to 'Every Breath You Take' by The Police as I write this review* 

"Obsessed with an aspiring writer, a charming bookstore manager goes to extreme measures to insert himself into her life." - Netflix.

YOU seems to be the biggest show on right now. Everyone is watching and talking about it so of course I just had to watch it. You know me, I'm such a sheep, always following the crowd...

I actually really enjoyed watch this show. I mean I binged it in 3 days... Sure it's only 10 episodes long but I had an essay due too... as a student it's impressive!

Let's ignore that fact that Joe Goldberg is a complete psychopath, and that I seriously wanted to go and delete all my social media accounts and close my blinds after watching Ep.1, this is actually a really good show and I can see why it's got the attention it has. 

It's excellently produced, is full of suspense and has a killer *pun intended* cast from many well known shows such as Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars (see a theme here) and Fuller House. This was sure to be a hit for me, and clearly many other people as Netflix claims its's reached "40 million viewers" already!

I didn't realise until after I'd started watching that it was based on a book, naturally this meant a trip to Waterstones to buy said book which is now sitting impatiently on my TBR shelf waiting for me to pick it up. I'll let you know if you what I thought of the book once I've read it so stay tuned!

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