Monday, 17 October 2016

Let's talk After You by Jojo Moyes

If you have come here to read my review on After You then you should already know how Me Before You ended, if you don’t well then… YOU NEED TO FIND OUT QUICK!!!

I don’t normally go for romantic fiction (give me magicians, dragons and sword fighting any day!) but after watching the film of Me Before You I decided I wanted to see how Lou was getting on eighteen months after… (yes it’s still to heartbreaking to say out loud).  If you are looking for a story to rip your heart out, tear it up into a million pieces, sew it back together just to rip it back up again then look no further.

This is the first book of hers that I’ve read and honestly it took my breath away. Flawlessly written with believable characters and realistic settings, Moyes gives you just enough to set the scene while letting your imagination create the rest.

My only issue was clarification. That is on no part Moyes fault and completely my own for watching the film instead of reading the book (bad bookworm *slaps wrist*), but there were parts of the storyline where she mentions something from Me Before You and it is very obviously explained in the first book. This left me having to presume and imagine what she really meant which was a little bit frustrating. Let this be a lesson kids, always read the book!

After You is one of them books that didn’t need to be written, you either want to know what happened next or you don’t, but nevertheless it is a perfect way for fans to say goodbye to Lou. 

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