Saturday, 16 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW - Night Study by Maria V. Snyder

She's done it again! Another amazing book by Maria V. Snyder. Of course there was never any doubt that I wasn't going to enjoy 'Night Study', but I didn't think she could wow me anymore yet somehow she managed it.

The book picks up from where  'Shadow Study' left off, which for me was great because I read them back to back, but for the people that read 'Shadow Study' when it first came out and had to wait a whole year for 'Night Study to come out, I feel sorry for you!

Just like 'Shadow Study', Night Study is written from 3 characters point of views, Yelena's is still in the first person narrative and the other's in third person narrative. The only difference being that this time we have Lief''s POV instead of Janco's, Eeekk exciting!! It was great to read alternate chapters from Lief's perspective as he's always been a minor character for me, always in the background of the action. But in this book he becomes more of a main character and us as readers get to learn more about him and see a different side to him which I loved!

The setting is the same as all the other Study books, split between Ixia and Sitia. I think I would find them boring and less exciting if they were set in just one place. It is also very easy to follow compared to other books that are set in multiple places, sometimes you can get lost or confused as to where the story is taking place and you can end up feeling like your just reading names, but Maria's talent really is with writing as its very easy to follow the characters between the two countries and not get lost.

I just cannot get enough of Maria's books and I honestly don't know how I am suppose to wait until next spring for the third and final book! There are so many things to look forward to in it as well! It is going to be one tough year...

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