Monday, 17 March 2014

MANICURE OF THE MONTH - Divergent Series

Hi everyone and welcome to Manicure Monday, a weekly feature that combines my love of reading and nail art. Each week I will be showcasing my currant book and a matching manicure.

Sorry this is posted a day late, didn't have time to write the post yesterday but it's here now. So as you may know I've been reading the Divergent series by Veronica Roth as part of a group read on goodreads, so for this week's Manicure Monday, I decided to do a Divergent based design.

I  decided to do the whole series and wanted to do a design that was present throughout the whole series. So I decided to represent each faction as the nail design. 

I started off by paint each nail the color each faction is described as having in the book. Grey (Rimmel London 60 seconds 713 Little Bo Peep) for Abnegation, Blue (Rimmel London I love Lasting Finish 501 Fancy A Dip) for Erudite, Black and White side by side (Rimmel London 60 seconds 800 Black Out, Rimmel London Nail Tip Whitener)  for Candor, Red with Yellow underneath (Rimmel London I Love Lasting Finish 030 Double Decker Red, Rimmel London 60 seconds 507 Round And Round In Circles) for Amity and Black (Rimmel London 60 seconds 800 Black Out) for Dauntless.

Once they had dried, I started on the design. I used small paintbrushes for the detail. On my thumb I draw the Abnegation symbol, two hands holding each other for selflessness. On my index finger I draw the Erudite symbol, an eye for knowledge. On my middle finger I draw the symbol for Candor, symbols for honesty. On my ring finger I draw the symbol for Amity, a tree for peace. And on my baby finger I draw the symbol for Dauntless, flames for bravery.

I had to redo a few as the design didn't come out very well the first time but once I had redone them I was happy.

And this is the finished product. I am very happy with how each design came out eventually and am extremely pleased that you can understand what each design is meant to be.

I love the Divergent books, especially the first and second. I cant wait for the Divergent film to be released at the beginning of next month and will defiantly be going to see it! Anyone else sharing my love and excitement for it's release?

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