Monday, 4 November 2013

Weekend Update

I'M BACK!! And had a lovely relaxing weekend away :)

I would like to start off by mentioning an amazing new TV series I have discovered, Atlantis. I just love it! It's a lot like Merlin and full of Greek Myths and Legends which I just love! Im a big sucker for anything Mythical and Magical :L 

If you havent seen it already head to BBC iplayer to catch up!

Short Story Masterclass with Courttia Newland

As I mentioned previously I was attending a Short Story Masterclass by one of Britain's most original storytellers and I have to say it was worth the money and all the effort traveling down there, sorting my ticket out and finding the venue.

Courttia himself was so lovely and down to earth I was surprised. And the people that also attended the Masterclass were so welcoming and  supportive I couldn't believe it! From the moment I arrived outside the venue they were talking to me and sharing their experiences from previous events from the festival and what experience they had with writing, it was lovely :)

Being the youngest person in there I felt very awkward and shy but I was soon welcomed in by everyone, such a different way of life to London...

What inspired me most was the age range. There were old ladies that had been preoccupied with work and family that they had never found the time to pursue a writing career and were finally deciding do start writing and follow that long lost dream which I found fascinating! Just really goes to show its never too late to follow your dream!

What also surprised me was how open the masterclass was. It didn't matter if you were a published author or had no experience writing at all! The masterclass was accessible for everyone!

My only regret was that I didn't stay for the reading that Courttia was doing on his new book after the masterclass and looking back I really wish I had!

But the masterclass itself was very educational but enjoyable at the same time and at a reasonable price it is defiantly something I will be attending again!!

So if your an aspiring or published writer or just love books, check out the Plymouth International Book Festival! It's a blast and a chance to experience books and writing with like minded people!!
⋆⋆⋆ 5 STARS.

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